Eyes of BTW
The Eyes of BTW
This organization owns and maintains the system of surveillance cameras serving Bent Tree West as a deterrent to crime. Bilingual signs are prominently posted at neighborhood entrances and in alleyways to notify people that cameras are in operation.
This system records data 24 hours a day, which is stored off-site on the servers of Omni-Watch, Inc. Images are accessible on the internet, and neighborhood volunteers monitor them. Images can also be retrieved for at least two weeks for later review should an incident occur.
$75 Fee - Membership is separate from membership in the Homeowners Association. Only paid members may request live data access and historical data on DVD. Residents can request historical data prior to their date of membership by paying the Dues.
If you would like to volunteer to monitor camera images, contact the BTW Board!
For information regarding access to video footage, click here and complete the on-line form.