Yard of the Month
Bent Tree West HOA/Calloway's Nursery Yard of the Month Program
The Bent Tree West Homeowners Association sponsors a "Yard of the Month" program for all BTWHOA residents.  Two awards are presented to Phase 1 since more than 200 of the homes in Bent Tree West are in Phase 1.  Phase 3 and The Estates of Bent Tree West receive one award.  Phase 2, 4 and 5 also receive one award.  We are happy to have partnered with Calloway's Good Neighbor Program in recognizing residents who take extra care in maintaining their yard.  Three homes will be chosen as a Calloway's "Yard of the Month" recipient, earning a $25 Blooming Rewards Credit redeemable at any of their nurseries.*  
Many thanks to our "Yard of the Month" Volunteers:
BTW "Yard of the Month" Volunteers          Calloway's Nursery "Yard of the Month" Program
Phase 1: Margaret Hoyt Sherry Dettle
Phase 1: Missy Rosner  
Phase 2:  Carol Burns  
Phase 3 & The Estates of BTW:  Jerry Olivarez  
Phase 4:  Nancy Brenner  
Phase 5:  Judy Davis  
Winners receive:
"Yard of the Month" sign posted in a prominent location
Photos of the "Yard of the Month" Winners posted on our website
*"Calloway's Nursery Winner"  all of the above plus a $25 Blooming Rewards credit from Calloway's Nursery.  Winners must be registered in the Calloway's Nursery Blooming Rewards program to redeem their credit.
Phase 1 BTW HOA Winner
Inna & Arthur Veytsman
4319 Brooktree Lane
Phase 1 BTW HOA Winner
Lori & Jacob Jenkins
4203 Bretton Bay Lane
Phase 2 Calloway's Nursery Winner
Milli & Rick Davis
4119 Cobblers Lane
Phase 3/Estates of Bent Tree West Calloway's Nursery Winner
Denise & Tom Rachal
18036 Windtop Lane
Phase 4 Calloway's Nursery Winner
Laurie & Chris Martineau
4328 Creekmeadow Drive
Phase 5 BTW HOA Winner
Nancy & Chris Williams
4331 Highlander
Information is courtesy of Calloway's Nursery at www.calloways.com.  Attribution to Calloway's required for all use and reproduction.