Who We Are
The Bent Tree West Homeowners' Association (BTWHOA) is a Texas not for profit corporation. It is a separate and distinct organization from The Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club and the VIP Dallas Crime Watch Program.
Homeowners become members by paying voluntary annual association dues.
Please note:  For residents of The Estates of Bent Tree West, deed restrictions require mandatory annual dues and membership in the BTWHOA
Choosing a neighborhood to live in is a big decision.  We all want to get the best 'Bang for our Buck' and helping to maintain the neighborhood we live in can add value to each and every home in the neighborhood.  Every homeowner who pays dues helps cover the cost of maintaining our great neighborhood!
In addition:
HOA members receive our Directory
HOA members may receive BTW HOA Camera Footage when providing the Safety & Security Committee with a valid reason for the request 
HOA members are eligible to receive Yard of the Month honors
Members have voting rights during the Annual Meeting
GOOD KARMA - becoming a member gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to help the neighborhood remain a GREAT place to live!
Help cover the cost of maintaining our great neighborhood!
Keeping the common areas maintained benefits every resident in Bent Tree West.  While we live here, we get to enjoy the great feeling of living in a neighborhood with character and class.  If, or when, we move out, our homes will be worth more as a result of being located in a nice looking neighborhood.  Prospective buyers notice whether the neighborhood is well-maintained and are willing to pay more to live in a neighborhood that is!
The dues are billed by the HOA early each calendar year, and are payable upon receipt.  Dues are used to finance the activity and mission of the association, as well as to preserve, protect and maintain the neighborhoods common property, security, landscaping, etc. Your dues are primarily used to pay for the ongoing expenses for maintenance of the entryways and the green spaces along the perimeter of the area.  By keeping our neighborhood looking it’s best, our property values also remain at their highest. By supporting the Homeowners Association, you help to ensure that our neighborhood continues to be a great place to live.  We cannot afford to let our neighborhood’s appearance and infrastructure start going downhill!  Just as realtors will tell you, it’s the “curb appeal” that most influences the salability of an individual home.  It is the overall appearance and maintenance level of our neighborhood’s common areas that greatly influence the desirability of Bent Tree West.
Landscape Maintenance, Repairs & Rehabilitation     
Includes mowing common areas (perimeter and entrances), trash pick-up, flower bed maintenance, placing color at entrances, replacing damaged plants & sprinkler system repair
Electricity for entrance lighting and irrigation systems
Water for landscaping
Administration & Miscellaneous
Regular & Annual Meeting Rental, Legal fees, insurance, property taxes & supplies
Communications & Social Activities
Social activities such as the 4th of July Parade, website & postage
Directory & Welcoming
Printing & Distribution of Directory & New Resident Welcoming Packets
(Percentages derived from the 2018 Annual Budget)
An annual meeting of all members and non-members is held each year during the first quarter.  At this meeting, the past year's work is reviewed, goals for the coming year are set, and officers and board members for the new year are elected.  
2020 BTW HOA Association Annual Meeting is January 27, 2020
7:00pm, BTW Swim and Tennis Club, 18018 Voss Road, Dallas, TX 75287
The Bent Tree West HOA Board of Directors meets monthly and on a "called basis".  During the regular monthly meeting, the board establishes and monitors the budget, and supervises and conducts all of the association's business.  BTWHOA members and residents of Bent Tree West are encouraged to attend all meetings.  Meetings are held at 7pm, Bent Tree West Swim & Tennis Clubhouse.  Members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on a committee.  
Annual Meeting
Monday, January 27, 2020
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes are only accessible by clicking the Meeting Minutes Tab on the Home Page and Logging into the website.  If you already registered and forgot your password, click the Login button on the home page and click forgot password.  If you have not registered with our website, click the Register button on the top of the home page and complete the registration process.