Coronavirus Updates
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BTW Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program
Medical professionals have repeatedly encouraged those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus because of health conditions or age 70+ should be limiting their exposure to large groups of people, such as grocery stores. Don't risk it! The Bent Tree West Homeowners' Association is coordinating a "BTW Neighbors Helping Neighbors" program.  
Our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is designed to help those most vulnerable get resources they need to their front door.  Whether it is picking up your pre-paid pharmacy order or grocery store order, or bring you an emergency roll of toilet paper, we are here to help.  If you live in Bent Tree West, please complete the request (click here) and someone from the volunteer team will be in contact with you to help.  
Want to volunteer to help?  We have already identified some neighbors who are offering to pick up pre-paid deliveries starting right away.  But we are also seeking more volunteers willing to help as the need will continue to grow as more people become home bound.  We are seeking help to:
  • collect necessities - help solicit and collect donated items such as toiletries, hand soap, paper goods, etc.
  • help with call backs - Confirm requests or to help point a neighbor to other resources for regular service, like or, as examples.
  • Pick up and/or deliver goods - pick up pre-paid orders from community service providers and deliver to the front door of the neighbor in need.
If you are willing to volunteer time, please contact Natalie Alfrey at 214.601.9944 via call or text or email at
Not all residents of Bent Tree West receive our emails or are on NextDoor or receive BTW HOA emails.  If you know of a person over the age of 60 or someone who may be vulnerable to the virus for medical reasons, please respond to this email with their name and address so we may provide them information on this program.
Every day the virus spread changes and the availability and access to goods and services are still unclear, so our program will be fluid and flexible too.  We want you to know we will make every effort to serve the need of our Bent Tree West Residents.  
Links to Local Delivery Servicer Providers
The Bent Tree West HOA does not endorse any of these delivery services.  They are provided for our residents to consider.
Delivery & Pick-up for a fee
Food Delivery | Restaurant Takeout for a fee
Delivery & Pick-up for a fee
Food Take Out | Groceries & More Delivery Service for a fee
Grocery Delivery for a fee
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Delivery for a fee
Meal Delivery for a fee
Food, Alcoholic Drinks & Errands for a fee
Prepared Food Delivery for a fee
Food, Alcohol, Laundry & Grocery delivery for a fee
Groceries, Pharmacies, Office Supplies for a fee
Pet Food & Supplies
Government Websites
The following are links to various public agencies regarding Coronavirus Updates

City of Dallas Orders, Regulations, FAQs, and other information
The BTW HOA is doing our best to keep this information up-to-date.  
Please check Government Websites above for real time updates.
City of Dallas Resident Resource Guides 
Click here for Dallas City Information on the following:  Testing Sites, Reopening Dallas, Resources, City of Dallas Closures, Outreach Toolkits, FAQs

COVID-19 Symptoms

Click here for a Stop the Spread of Germs Video

Useful Information from Other Agencies, etc.
Small Business Administration Loan Program (specifically for those impacted by COVID-19)