2021 HOA Accomplishments
Beautification and Landscape Management
  • A new landscape company has been granted the contract to maintain and improve the common areas beginning January 2022.   Additional work will be done to enhance the neighborhood in 2022.
  • The entrance signs around Bent Tree West were long overdue for a cleaning and update.  We hope you like the refresh!
  • The dead trees on the Trinity Mills perimeter were removed.
  • The trees along Gibbons Road have had their canopies raised and limbs trimmed.
  • Appropriate seasonal flowers planted quarterly.
Safety and Security
  • Homeless Encampments:  A recurring problem with homeless encampments forming along the creek between Frankford and Gibbons was addressed.   With City of Dallas approval, the trees that line our border wall were trimmed and the trash removed. The area along the wall now looks better than it has in years!
  • Panhandlers:  Panhandlers were using BTW power outlets behind the Estates entry sign at Frankford and Gibbons, which have now been locked down.  Following the direction of DPD, "No Trespassing" signs have been placed along the border wall and on the sides of Gibbons bridge. NOTE: Based upon the direction given by the City of Dallas, we would like to advise everyone to REFUSE to give money to ANY of the panhandlers in the area.  Please share this direction broadly as it will reduce the desirability of the intersection of Frankford and the Tollway for begging. 
  • Volunteers on Patrol:    The VIP program is an extension of the Dallas Crime Watch Program where volunteer members of a neighborhood patrol BTW. All VIP volunteers pass a background check and are trained by the Dallas Police Department, with the goal of deterring criminal activity in Bent Tree West. VIP does not intercede but calls 911 if criminal activity is observed.
  • Relationship with DPD and DFD:  We work hard to maintain a great relationship with our first responders and the police to keep our neighborhood informed and provide information to assist in deterring crime.  Officers regularly provide updates at BTW HOA Board Meetings.   Please attend!
  • Camera Surveillance Program:  As a crime deterrent, our system records data 24 hours a day, which is then stored for a period of time. Images are accessible by designated BTW HOA neighborhood volunteers.  The cameras have proven effective in deterring activity in our neighborhood. Footage is available to paid BTW HOA members if requested.
  • Short Term Rental Issues:  Investigated issues including crimes, parking and trash removal.  Best practices regarding management of STR’s have been posted to the website.
Beyond our Borders
  • Card Rooms: There were planned card room businesses near our neighborhood.  The HOA worked with the City of Dallas and other neighborhoods close by to voice concerns of noise, traffic and negative impacts to Bent Tree West.   Volunteers wrote to City officials and attended public forums to share opinions and to stop this type of business near our homes 
  • Surrounding Property:  HOA Volunteers worked with DPD and the City regarding misuse of the property and structures that surround our neighborhood.  Happily, as of this printing, the parking garage at Briargrove and the Tollway is being dismantled and we will have a Sprouts grocery soon!
  • The website has information about Bent Tree West, the activities of the HOA and updates on issues regarding the community.  Please register, if you have not, at www.btwdallas.org  to get important updates on these items.   You will receive timely emails regarding issues and events in Bent Tree West.  
  • Yard of the Month – Walk around and notice how many beautiful yards we have in BTW! Check out the latest winners on the website, posted monthly, starting in the sprint.  Get new ideas from our sponsor, Calloways!
  • Reminder signs for Bulky Trash are placed in strategic locations by your neighborhood volunteers. 
Architecture Control/Codes & Covenants
  • On-going reviews of change requests from homeowners regarding fences and home improvements 
Neighborhood Events
  • Events are planned and advertised by our volunteer committees throughout the year to give our neighbors an opportunity to socialize and to have fun. Our committee chair has been very proactive to bring in sponsors to offset any costs. In 2021, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the following: 
  • Held the annual July 4th Parade
  • National Night Out:  Held in the Mitchell parking lot this year, the event will be an annual one focused on family, safety and security.  Our DPD and DFD participate with us!
  • Christmas Parade and Party at the BTWSTC
  • Decorations for Special Events and Time of Year
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Support for folks that need a helping hand especially during supply chain issues and public health concerns.
  • And don’t forget the HOA meetings!