2017 HOA Accomplishments
Association Accomplishments & Highlights
  • New Board installed January 2017 with five (5) first time members
  • Board Member Committee liaisons established for each HOA committee
  • Volunteer Social held to increase committee participation by members
  • Security & Safety Committee established to review EYES & VIP programs
  • Finance Committee established
  • Welcome Committee Ambassadors replaced Block Captains
  • Yard-of-month Committee participation expanded
  • Social Committee established, hosted spring family event & fall wine tasting event
  • Fourth of July Parade produced and sponsored by BTW HOA
  • Directory Committee established, raised $2,500 in ad revenue = 2017 BTW HOA Directory produced with a financial profit
  • Board Agenda notices published prior to meetings and board meeting minutes recorded, distributed, approved and published monthly to www.btwdallas.org
  • By-laws Review Committee established and is in process of recommending changes
  • BTW New Resident first year free membership approved
  • 2018 BTW HOA dues rolled back to 2016 levels
  • 2018 Budget presented to and reviewed by Board and published for members review prior to 2018 Annual Meeting
  • Approval of paid bookkeeper role for long-term financial reporting stability beginning in 2018
  • Expeditiously tracked and responded to 36 resident requests submitted through the BTW HOA website
The Safety & Security Committee oversees both the VIP Neighborhood Patrol Program and The Eyes of BTW, LLC Video Surveillance Program. These two programs continue to help make Bent Tree West a safe place to live and foster crime prevention. 
  • Provided round-the-clock crime deterrence by the Eyes of BTW Surveillance system and extensive warning signs
  • Reviewed camera footage for 18 crimes & provided footage to Dallas Police Department for 9 of these crimes
  • 253 VIP Patrols were conducted by BTW residents at all hours of the day & night
  • Conducted a community Crime Prevention education session 
  • Replaced 57 missing or damaged Alley Address Signs