Annual Meeting and Elections
sent to all Homeowner's via U.S. Mail

To all Bent Tree West Home Owners’ Association members & Bent Tree West residents;

Save The Date!!! - Monday evening 7:00 pm January 22, 2018

2018 BTW HOA Annual Meeting

Bent Tree West Swim & Tennis Club, 18018 Voss Road, Dallas

We hope you will join us for our Annual Meeting where we will elect officers & directors, review our 2017 achievements, present our 2018 budget and goals and invite all to participate in some manner in our 2018 activities and committees.

The theme of this year’s meeting is WE WANT YOU!!! Our HOA has numerous committees and activities planned for 2018 but we need your involvement to make it all successful. As you are aware, we are a volunteer run organization and the more volunteers we have the greater our programs and services can be for all the residents of Bent Tree West.

Our committees include Finance, Social, Landscape, Communications, Safety & Security, Yard-of-the-Month; Welcoming, Architecture, Nominating & By-laws review. We hope to create a Capital Improvements Committee to formulate how we can best improve our entryways and develop a long-term strategy for infrastructure improvements. We want to re-activate our Membership committee to develop new ways of increasing BTW HOA membership among those neighbors who are not yet members of the BTW HOA.

We Want You and Need You to Make BTW the Very Best it Can Be

The BTW HOA is a critical component of our neighborhood life and has been organized for the benefit of all homeowners. Accordingly, we strongly urge you to make your selection of your officers and directors with the utmost care and consideration, as those individuals have the responsibility of running the affairs and business of the HOA. The Annual Meeting is your opportunity to participate in the elections of those who will be your “voice in HOA matters” and as such, your vote is very important.

The Nominating Committee has published its list of candidates for the 2018 Board of Directors. BTW HOA members for calendar years 2017 or 2018 are eligible to vote for the election of Officers & Directors.   

Below is a Proxy for you to use if you cannot attend the meeting in person. Please note that the Proxy is NOT an absentee ballot; but rather to be used to appoint an agent to vote on your behalf in your absence. To appoint a proxy, you must complete and sign the form. The proxy can be mailed to Secretary, Bent Tree West HOA, P.O. 701111, Dallas, TX 75370, sent pdf via email to by January 18, 2018 or hand carried to the annual meeting by your designated proxy.

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd and we hope you will give strong consideration to volunteering a small amount of your time to help make the Bent Tree West the best it can be.


Your 2017 BTW HOA Board of Directors



Your Candidates
(click the Candidate Name to view Candidate Profile Form)

President                                          Tom Lenihan

Vice President                                  Bob Rycroft

Treasurer                                          Linda Taylor

Secretary                                          Bill Hoyt


Three (3) Director-At-Large will be elected from the four (4) candidates listed below (listed in order that the candidate profile form was submitted to the HOA Secretary).


Director-At-Large                             Alan Rosner

Director-At-Large                             Mary Ann Buchanan

Director-At-Large                             Brian Williamson

Director-At-Large                             Vanessa Myers